Sunday 12 June 2011

Google Apps migration and multiple accounts

Non-coding post today. If you use Google Apps for your Domain, you've either been transitioned to the new "full" infrastructure or you soon will be. If like a lot of people you have this crazy idea that your personal and professional lives should be separate, and so you have separate accounts for personal and private stuff, you'll run into the problem that your Google Apps stuff and your Google stuff now share an account cookie, and so trying to (say) view your personal email when you're logged into a Google service with your professional account will fail because you're logged in with your personal account. Sigh. If only there'd been a way to anticipate that this might be a problem and design and implement the solution properly before involuntarily migrating people over.

The good news is that Google now supports multiple account login in many of its services. You lose offline mail and calendar (huh?) and there are some other caveats, and it's still a PITA to use, but when/if you do manage to get signed into your multiple accounts on the services you mostly use, it does sort of work, a bit.

Hopefully as time marches by, the multiple accounts stuff will improve and spread to their other services.


TweeZz said...

Using 2 different browsers doesn't help?

T.J. Crowder said...

@TweeZz: :-) I'll assume that was a joke... (And I'd need, let's least four. Doable, but...)

Dave said...

How about incognito mode? It's a hassle that could have (should have) been avoided, but at least it works.

How about different computers? ;-)

TweeZz said...

"Doable"! I would go for it ;)