Monday 18 June 2012

9pt grey text on a dark grey background

Is it just me? Am I getting old? (Well, yes, but...) Surely 9pt grey text (#646464) on a dark-grey background (#1C1C1C) qualifies as a Bad IdeaTM? How's this for readable:

Form Factormini-PC
CPU SocketIntel® Atom™ D525 (dual-core) (1.8 GHz) Intel® HyperThreading™ technology
ChipsetNM10 Express
GPUIntel® GMA 3150
MemoryUp to 4GB
Harddrive2.5“ drive bay SATA 3.0 Gb/s compatible
Graphics Output1 VGA / 1 HDMI

And even that's better than the original linked above, I haven't managed to find all the styles they applied to mess up the text.


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